EPE, endorsed professional entertainer

The “Endorsed Professional Entertainer” (EPE) stamp is the equivalent of a “Good Housekeeping seal of approval” and sets those who attain it apart from the rest of the industry. Recipients of the EPE recognition have achieved this status through education, testing, technical expertise, and years of experience.  The National Association of Mobile Entertainers offers this program as part of their mission statement to continually build the credibility of the Mobile Entertainer profession in the eyes of the public.

Y? Entertainment is one of only a handful to receive the award in the state of Florida!

Mobile entertainment is different than hiring “just a disc jockey”.  Disc Jockeys generally play good music and talk on the microphone when necessary. Mobile entertainers know how to motivate and entertain an audience with more than just the music. Our entertainers know how to utilize creativity and personality to make your wedding or event more than just a party with great music. We entertain your audience in a manner that allows them to feel comfortable and involved, without high pressure, party props or skits (unless that is the type of event you are looking for us to provide). We can utilize a casually elegant approach, a high-caliber of interaction or anywhere in between. Whatever your event entails, you’ve made the right choice with the staff of Y? Entertainment.